Conservatory blinds

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Conservatory Blinds

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Conservatory Blinds


Custom Blinds has been supplying and installing conservatory side and roof blinds in Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years.

We are specialists in conservatory roof and side blinds and we are able to offer a wide variety of blinds for conservatory sides, some such as Perfect Fit and Intu which do not require screws to attach the blinds and therefore do not make any holes in your conservatory. We also have considerable experience with conservatory roof blinds and are able to supply and install both rectangular and shaped pleated, roller and woodweave conservatory roof blinds.

We offer a full and comprehensive range of solar reflective fabrics which are specifically designed to combat heat and glare in your conservatory making it usable all year round.

Our locally based, friendly advisor will visit you, discuss exactly what you want, take measurement to provide a quotation and answer any questions you may have concerning installation, manufacturing lead times, etc.

Within 48 hours you will receive your written quotation and it is then entirely up to you whether you proceed or not. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed, we will return to carry out a full site survey including taking accurate measurements and marking where the blinds are to be fitted. If you are completely happy with what we are going to do and how we are going to do it then we will manufacture your conservatory blinds and as soon as they are ready we will contact you to arrange the fitting and our local installation team will come along and fit your blinds.

Our conservatory roof and side blinds are manufactured at our factory in Hampshire using quality components and all undergo rigorous quality control procedures. All personnel within Custom Blinds receive extensive initial and ongoing training in site survey, installation, and product knowledge to ensure we offer you top quality products and a first class service. All of this means we confidently offer a 5 year guarantee on all blinds that we supply and install.


The reasons for installing blinds to the sides of a conservatory is a usually because you would like some privacy and this can be achieved by vertical, roller, venetian or pleated blinds. The type of blind that you eventually have very much depends on your personal preference, the amount of light and heat you want to allow in and the type of conservatory you have.

However, when it comes to roof blinds, these are nearly always installed because the conservatory gets too hot or the sun produces glare.

Pleated Roof Blinds

In our opinion the blinds that are most suitable for this type of problem are pleated roof blinds.

The advantages of pleated roof blinds are:


Conservatory blinds is a market where there is a huge demand for blinds but from a blind companies point of view, it is also an area where a lot of care and time has to be taken in both the manufacturing and installation of the blinds, especially shaped roof blinds.

As a manufacturer of pleated blinds, we are experienced in making not only free-hanging and rectangular roof blinds but we have a lot of experience in manufacturing shaped blinds of the type that are commonly found in the Victorian style of conservatory.


As previously mentioned, shaped roof blinds are very time consuming and on our initial visit we will take rough measurements of your conservatory roof to enable us to provide you with a quotation.

On the first visit we will also advise you concerning:

If you then decide to proceed we will return to take detailed measurements and mark out the position that the rails are to be fitted. This second survey can take anything up to 2 hours depending on the size and type of the conservatory and the amount of roof panels to be fitted.

Once we have manufactured the blinds, we will then return to install the blinds. Again, depending on the size and type of the conservatory and the amount of blinds to be installed, fitting can take anything from 1 day for a fairly small conservatory to 3 days for a large complex conservatory with a lot of blinds.