Dutch Canopies

Dutch Canopies photo


Although Dutch Canopies & Walkways are primarily supplied to the commercial market, in some instances, Canopies can look very attractive in domestic situations such as patio areas sun terraces and verandas.

Dutch Canopies & Walkways are available in a wide range of shapes and styles and the Canopies can either be fixed or retractable, depending on the particular style and cover material. They are all manufactured using aluminium frames and are finished with a valance, piping and trims to match and contrast the design of cover used, ensuring a neat and attractive overall finish.


There are three types of fabric covering for Dutch Canopies & Walkways are acrylic, reinforced PVC and wet look PVC.

Acrylic - The Acrylic cover is available in a wide range of colours and designs encompassing solid single colours through to multi coloured wide stripes, narrow stripes, multi stripes and printed designs.

PVC - The PVC cover as with the Acrylic cover is available in a wide range of colours and designs including solid colours and block stripes.

Wet Look PVC- The wet look PVC cover is only available in solid colours.

Valances - Both Acrylic and PVC covers are available with shaped valances which will be trimmed with a braid on Acrylic and a hydem tape on PVC covers.


All canopies and walkways can be signwritten to your own specification including logos and graphics.