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Intu Design Blinds


Intu-design blinds are the perfect answer for the modern tilt and turn type of windows and UPVC doors that are now commonly found in both commercial and domestic environments.

Available in venetian with 16mm and 25mm slats, roller and pleated with 20mm pleats.

The slim head rail of this type of blind fits perfectly into the bead of the window and is available with a range of end caps which perfectly fit the contour of the bead and the working mechanism and all fixing brackets are completely concealed.

Both the venetian and pleated versions are also available with side guide wires which are secured at the bottom of the frame which makes the intu-design blind perfectly suited for doors and tilt/turn style of windows.


Operation of raise/lower on both the venetian and pleated intu-design blinds is by means of moving the bottom rail up and down by hand. The bottom rail can have a thumb tab attached if required.chain. Tilt of the venetian blinds is by means of a horitontal slide attached to the headrail of the blind.

Head Rail & Bottom Rail

The head rail and bottom bar are all aluminium and are available in either white and brown as standard or light brown and light grey at a small extra cost.

Intu-Design Venetian Blind Slating

The choice of slats is enormous and the options you have are:

Intu-Design Pleated Blind Fabrics

There is a wide choice of fabric designs and colours including

In addition the Intu-design pleated blinds can match any 20mm pleated standard freehanging  rectangular roof or shaped roof pleated blind.