Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are the most popular choice of window blind for both Commercial and Contract situations and account for approximately 70% of all the blinds that we supply.

Available in 3.5" (89mm) and 5" (127mm) louvre widths, vertical blinds offer excellent control of the light, heat and sun entering a room and will therefore reduce glare when using computers, allow greater privacy, reduce heat build up, and protect furnishings and carpets from fading on those rare hot summer days.


The range of fabric patterns and colours that we are able to offer you is enormous as we carry ranges from 5 of the largest fabric manufacturers and we have access to virtually all the smaller fabric manufacturers.

This gives you not only a tremendous choice of design in a wide variety of colours but also allows you a choice of fabrics that are:

Head Rail Systems

When choosing a vertical blind, the fabric is obviously your main concern as this is what you will have to live with and look at day to day, but equally important is the head rail system on which the vertical louvres operate.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you either a slim-line or a wide body head rail system.

Custom Pro Wide Body Head Rail Systems

The Custom Pro wide body head rail system is a new system which is perfectly suited to all contract and commercial environments due to its robust construction, ease of use and simple to repair if damaged due to misuse.

The new Custom Pro head rail system has all the benefits of the slim-line system but it also has some further important benefits including wheeled carrier trucks, adjustable spacer links to ensure uniform spacing of louvres, slimmer carrier trucks to give a smaller stack back and louvre pegs which can be replaced whilst the blind remains in place.

The benefits of the wide body system are:

Louver-Lite Slim-line Head Rail Systems

The Louver-Lite slim-line system has been proven for its reliability and durability over a period of many years and we use this system for many of our contract, commercial and domestic installations.

The benefits of the slim-line system are: